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Profit and value creation are indispensable prerequisites for sustainable development in the interests of our clients, shareholders, staff and business partners as well as for the fulfilment of our social responsibility. Hannover Re strives to be a reinsurer of above-average profitability, since only in this way can we ensure our long-term survival as an independent company – which also constitutes the basis for the perception of our responsibility in society. In so doing, our premises of financing growth through self-generated profits and avoiding imbalances that could necessitate capital measures continue to apply unchanged. Our operations are thus guided primarily by profitability considerations and we concentrate on attractive segments of reinsurance business. The responsible underwriting of risks and prudent risk management are among the vital conditions for assuring the quality of our business over the long term.

Entrepreneurial success is only sustainable if it is achieved consistently and grounded on ethical behaviour. As an internationally operating company, Hannover Re bears responsibility in various senses. This is true of its compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, but also applies to the company’s products and its relationship with staff, shareholders, the public at large and the cultural circles in which the company operates. Hannover Re has adopted an extensive set of rules, adherence to which is constantly monitored by means of an internal control system.

As a company based in Germany, the formal framework that shapes our corporate governance is determined by German law. With few exceptions Hannover Re fulfils all the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code. What is more, our Code of Conduct – which we adopted Group-wide in 2003 – serves as a further guide for our day-to-day activities.

Sustainability is a deciding factor for our company above and beyond the purely economic. It is applicable to the further and advanced training of our people, and it is also true of our commitment to social causes. Not only that, it is our stated aim to keep environmental impacts to a minimum and – wherever possible – to reduce them.


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