Strategic action fields

1. Performance Excellence

Holistic management system including regular external assessment

Our holistic management system of “Performance Excellence” ensures consistent execution of our strategy. We improve our performance systematically and continuously under all excellence criteria and subject our accomplishments to both internal and external assessments.

2. Corporate Governance

Integrity in our dealings with all stakeholders – high ethical standards

We support meaningful and pragmatic Corporate Governance principles and recognise these as guidelines for our activities. Ethical corporate conduct towards our business partners, employees, shareholders and all other stakeholders constitutes a core element of our Corporate Governance principles. We apply high ethical standards at all times, both in our strategy and in our day-to-day business operations.

3. Compliance

Observance of all external requirements in order to avoid business, liability and reputational risks

Our corporate guidelines and other rules and regulations as well as our business processes and daily actions are always consistent with external requirements. We thus avoid business, liability and reputational risks that could harm our commercial activities. By defining and implementing clear standards we also deliver efficient and effective support for attainment of our corporate objectives.


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